Stills of Life (album)

The heartwarming sounds of Stills of Life reflect the continuous circle of life, in which every ending is a new beginning

Michiel and I don't make music, rather we create it by first tuning into themes or people. It is a form of intuition, without words, that transcends normal thinking.

In an open and unprejudiced way we allow the sounds connected to the atmosphere and mood of that moment to be born. It is a form of reverence in wonder; a submission to the sounds that want to arise.

This refined way of working requires an inner silence of listening and awareness. You can also hear this in the music of Stills of Life. Michiel and I don't feel the need to perform (with our music). For us it would be quite strange to spend an hour tuning in, to then play music for ten minutes. As sound guides for musical life processes, our collective talents come to life on Stills of Life.

Listen to Stills of Life with an open heart and you will understand what is being sung. Let yourself be amazed by the sounds that have arisen out of a deep gratitude for Life.

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